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Artist: Mischief Brew


Raccoons in your cans, are all eating like kings. Who needs to use cash when there’s plenty of trash.

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Artist: Midwest Pen Pals


Midwest Pen Pals- Because He’s There, and He Hates Me

"But let’s pretend that we’re okay, is that okay? Just right now.
I miss your hand inside of mine, I miss the times we’d use to cry,
when mom was drunk and yours just sucked and everything was so sixteen.
And although I still see you around, it’s just not the same”

Artist: Flowers Taped to Pens

Can I feel sorry for myself?
Will you let me say I’m tired?
Can you hear a sombre cry,
As the sun begins to rise?

Artist: Delicate English


Yooo Too Far Gone released this split today
Name your price for this split here

Eyelashes//Delicate English

Artist: This Town Needs Guns


This Town Needs Guns (TTNG)If I Sit Still, Maybe I’ll Get Out of Here


This Town Needs Guns

Yesteryear still rings my ear like buttons and pins; this mess we’re in dissolves in time. I know this time is quite different from when we first met. The years haven’t been kind worn down by regret, take hope there’s still enough of what made this young man left all that once was is not quite gone yet.”

Soooo good. Best band I’ve discovered in 2k14 so far.

If ya didn’t know, now ya know.

Can’t wait for their demos cassette from Ozona records to arrive and then the 10” pre-orders from Ronald records to start shipping next month.

All I do anymore is work, music, and try to unlock all characters on super smash bros Nintendo for no reason because none of my friends even like playing that game but it keeps me occupied oh well