Eduardo, yeah

Anonymous said: Hey you're a bad ass guy fuck anyone that talks down on you. Wish we knew each other more cuz I've always thought you were a cool guy. You're insanely talented and I know you got a bright future. Keep us head up.

Thank you! Hope you’re handling life also

no one wants a pessimistic friend

Mckendy Fils-Aime - "Whistling Vivaldi" (NPS 2014) - YouTube

This is nice


Anonymous said: plz post more shirtlies pics (:

Fuck Texas

Anonymous said: man eduardo when people have to go on anon just to tell you how pathetic you are ,youve hit a new rock bottom.

What was the point of this?


fuck the emos 

Still love this video

Johnny Hobo And The Freight Trains - New Mexico Song


The more i listen the more im sure this is my favourite album from pat.

As he lights an American spirit
He asks how I can smoke such shit
I say there’s nothing like chain smoking
GPC cigarettes
'Cause any smokes will kill ya
But these will make you feel like it.

(via punkrockelitism)

Roger cool bro yeah awesome

Anonymous said: That anon is so bogus. Yeah you're going through stuff but you can't just change overnight. You need to fix things at your own pace.

"Brutally honest" or something, right?

Anonymous said: Before: sad and negative. After: pathetic, sad, negative.

Well at least that wasn’t drastic. Thank you anon

Anonymous said: Lol no I've just been following you on tumblr for a while

Well then tell me about your perception on me before/now

Anonymous said: Start caring dude. Start giving a shit about the people in your life. And some people actually care about you, like your family. Stop being soooo fucking pathetic. You've gone downhill

I’m aware. I’m aware. I’m aware.
Assuming you’ve known me for a while, please remind me of when I wasn’t “downhill.” I want to replicate it